General Information

Uri Dahan & Co. specialize in economic and business consulting. The firm has a reputation of professionalism, objectivity, credibility, discretion and dynamism. The firm prepares a wide range of economic papers and accompanies a wide variety of clients, including firms, public bodies, non-profit organizations, etc.

The firm is engaged in a wide range of economic and business activity: preparation of business plans, financial feasibility tests, preparation of financial forecasts and business presentations; preparation of economic statements of opinion on businesses, firms and projects for private and public bodies, based on analysis of financial reports and other financial data; continuous business accompaniment; accompaniment of business and marketing development; accompaniment in the various governmental assistance tracks (Approved Enterprise, the Fund for Marketing Encouragement, Chief Scientist Office, loans, collaterals, etc.); planning and implementation of business and marketing strategies; representation of investors and preparation of investors’ portfolio; financial valuations of firms and projects; accompaniment of mergers and acquisitions; capital pricing and accompaniment of complex investments; depositions for legal economic claims and/or negotiations and arbitrations of business conflicts; pricing, establishment of inner organization inspections systems, and more.

The activity is presented below with a focus on different business sectors:

  Consultation and Accompaniment to the Private Sector

The firm assists and accompanies a wide range of firms and businesses in the private sector. The assistance and accompaniment are in the areas of management, marketing, finances and financial operation; business establishment and development; planning and implementation of business and marketing strategies; money management; obtaining of financial information; operational planning and aiding in execution of recovery programs; definition and assimilation of working procedures in general and of marketing and financial computerized procedures in particular; strategic planning and pinpointing of strategically weak points.

For organizations and corporations of large and medium sizes the firm offers assistance in the planning and supervision of budgets and cash flows; building of computerized models for planning and control; pricing of different activities; construction of pricing models and supervision; feasibility studies with the optimal combination of economic targets, and implementation of organizational goals and assistance it their planning and assimilation.

  Consultation and Accompaniment to the Public Sector

Consultation and accompaniment on a wide range of topics, including feasibility studies from the point of view of the public sector or the government office vs. the private sector; statements of opinion to economic questions that are derived from the organizational policy; promotion, guidance and financial management of complex projects; assistance in planning, preparation, presentation and monitoring of budgets execution; preparation of presentations for decision makers.

  Economic Research and Analysis

The company conducts a wide range of research and surveys assignments on the macro and the market levels; analyses of structure characteristics of markets; economic analysis of processes; financial analysis; planning and analysis of economic aspects of different projects; handling of all aspects related to the tariffs of different services.

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