Business and financial consulting for private and public companies

Accompanying companies and businesses in business development, growth and rehabilitation
Preparing business plans and accompanying their implementation
Planning, formulating and implementing business strategy
Budget planning and budgetary control
Accompanying liquidation and receivership proceedings
Accompanying negotiations and settlement in business disputes
Marketing programs, marketing development and implementation, accompanying marketing procedures
Accompanying the various financing tracks of the State and other public bodies
Economic and financial planning and assistance in the promotion and management of complex projects
Internal control, development, formulation and implementation of work procedures

Business and Economic Consulting and Research

Preparation and presentation of business plans
Diversified forecasts
Feasibility studies
Economic evaluation of firms and projects
Strategic planning and pinpointing of strategic weak points
Planning and applied business and market strategy
Industrial analysis and analysis of markets’ structure
Diversified economic statements of opinion, including depositions for legal economic claims and/or negotiations and arbitrations of business conflicts

Investments and Capital Raising

Representation of investors
Preparation of investment portfolios for various projects
Capital cost accounting and capital financing
Financial analysis of investments and projects
Accompaniment of complex investments

Businesses Accompaniment and Development

Assistance tools, assistance routes, state incentives, incentives from other public bodies, etc. - Various financing and assistance programs for the State and other public bodies, under favorable conditions. The following are a few examples of aid tools, out of the stock of aid tools we use:
State-guaranteed Fund - handling of credit from the State-guaranteed Fund and other public funds
(Up to NIS 500,000 or 8% of the annual sales turnover, highest of the two), the loans are granted for 5 years
The National Fund for Business - Our office is one of the offices authorized by Bank Leumi to handle the raising of credit from the Leumi Business Fund.The fund operates under similar conditions to the state-guaranteed fund and provides loans between NIS 300,000 and NIS 1 million (over half a million NIS) For business without interest), at interest of prime + 1.9% for businesses with sales turnover of between 1 and 20 million NIS (before VAT) and with a minimum of one year of activity The Fund does not provide loans for food and car parks
Jewish Agency Funds - Our office is approved by the Jewish Agency for handling the recruitment of credit for businesses from Jewish Agency funds (Ness Fund, CATI Foundation, Pittsburgh Foundation, Western Galilee Fund, etc.)
The Fund for Encouraging Overseas Marketing - Raising grants from the Fund for the Encouragement of Marketing Abroad
The Chief Scientist Funds and other public R&D funds for technological development (high-tech, biotech, technological developments in agriculture, etc.)
Consulting and accompaniment in public frameworks - Our office is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, the Negev and Galilee Development Authority, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Jewish Agency, the JNF and more

Other Activities

Participation as members of boards of directors in a large number of companies and corporations.
Lectures on a wide range of topics, including management, finance, working procedures, marketing, etc.
Economic research on a variety of topics, including economy and society, employment, management, finances, etc.
Preparation of in depth economic research articles on a wide range of topics for different newspapers and magazines.

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