Uri Dahan

Since 1992, founder and manager of “Uri Dahan & Co. – Economic and Business Consultants”, has vast and diversified experience in the different domains of business consulting and accompaniment. Accredited in 1987 by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Economics, Business Administration and Management, with specialization in Finance and Banking (MBA degree).

1988 – 1992, Manager of the Economic Department in the Postal Bank of Israel. The position included preparing economic statements of opinion involving promotion of the bank’s interests vis-à-vis the authorities; feasibility studies and surveys for potential products; comparative review of worldwide Postal Bank activities; analyses of capital structure of firms, based on involvement in firms’ activity and analyses of financial and other reports, etc.

1987 – 1988, Director and evaluator of government companies at the Ministry of Finance in the fields of housing and energy. In this framework Uri was also occupied with evaluation of companies’ performance. Served on the Board of Directors at companies such as: National Petroleum Company, the Geophysical Institute, Karta – Real-estate Company for the Development of Jerusalem, the Company for the Development of the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, Afridar Ashkelon, Heled Petach-Tikva, etc.

Yaniv Cohen

Consultant and an entrepreneur in the food and restaurants fields. Has established several successful food businesses and has about 11 years of experience as consultant in the field. His background and experience were acquired in the process on establishing, maintaining and accompaniment of his own and others food businesses. Since 2002, a law student (expected to graduate this semester).

Since 2002 – owner and manager of a Spanish style restaurant, which is ranked as one of the most successful in Jerusalem. Produced the business idea, initiated and established the restaurant. Prior to its establishment, had a period of qualification in Spain. In parallel to this, was a partner in a bar restaurant with an international menu.

1997 - 2001, a partner in a veteran and famous dance bar in Jerusalem. Prior to his involvement, the place had serious difficulties. His involvement brought the business back to success. Today it is one of the most successful clubs in Jerusalem that offers, in addition to a diverse menu, artist performances and dance nights. A school for barmen operates within its framework, in cooperation with “Bar Tender” company (a leading Israeli barmen training company).

In the course of his career has participated in a variety of professional courses and trainings in the fields of food, drinks and wine.

Additional Employees and Business Cooperation

In addition to the leading professional team, several other economists are employed. Also, the firm has working relations with a large number of consultants and professionals in complementary fields. Among many others, the firm has relations with an architecture consultant, industrial and management engineering consultants, an organizational consultant, a chef with many years of experience, programming and implementation personnel in the fields of information and computer applications, etc. The firm employs also additional professional consultants with diverse background and experience on an ad-hock basis, in accordance with the tasks at hand.

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