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Uri Dahan & Co.Economic and Business Consulting, Investment & Capital Raising

  • Uri Dahan & Co. specializes in economic and business consultations in a variety of fields, ongoing business accompaniment, business and economic development and guidance to firms, businesses, organizations and the public sector.
  • The firm also engages in the preparation of a wide range of economic papers – business plans, strategic plans for business development, feasibility studies, firms and projects valuations, economic statements of opinion for legal negotiations and arbitrations and also in economic research, surveys, etc.
  • The firm enjoys a reputation of professionalism, objectivity, credibility, discretion and dynamism.
  • The firm accompanies and provides consultation to a wide range of clients, including government offices, public institutions and organizations, public and private companies and more.
  • The firm offers its clients knowledge and experience accumulated in the process of working with hundreds of clients in a wide range of fields; in depth understanding of business and economic processes in the areas of business activity, strategic and marketing development; finance; budget planning and pricing; definition and improvement of computerized working processes and more.
  • The firms work is characterized by comprehensive vision and willingness, capability and flexibility in suitability to the demands and the desires of its clientele.
  • The projects are executed with clients’ cooperation at every stage of execution, in accordance with character of the service given.
  • Service quality, professionalism and presentational standards are monitored continuously and meticulously.

NOTE: The English version of the website is short and concise. The full text is in the Hebrew version.